StoryDe Ligt Feeling Better Now After The Slow Start In Juventus

Matthijs de Ligt has said that he is feeling better as he has recovered from the slow start at the Italian club Juventus. He was transferred from Ajax to Juve on July last year for the transfer fee of €75 million and, since his arrival at the club,he has made 32 appearances. In the first season at the club, he has been subjected to heavy criticism from others but since the resumption of the tournament has maintained a good game. Out of five matches from last month, he has achieved four clean sheets.

De Ligt told Sky Sports Italia that after his recovery from the slow start he is much relaxed physically and emotionally. The defender said that in Serie A there are different types of strikers and they are all strong in their own way.

The20 year old has scored only one goal from 32 appearances and this was against Torino before eight months and he thinks this as a turning point in his career at Juve. He said during those times it wasn’t easy for him to play at the field as he was facing criticisms which put him under a lot of pressure. With the goal, he was able to lift up his spirits and this goal led him to be the footballer he has become today.
"It's a special game - both teams want to win for the city and their fans. We must do our best, above all in defence, and not give away any chances. Obviously, the first derby is a beautiful memory for me because I scored my first goal for the Bianconeri. It also gave us a very important victory,” said De Ligt.
Juventus is currently leading the table with four points ahead of Lazio and is eight points ahead of Inter Milan. But De Ligt is not ready to let the guard down as he is well aware that both the teams are aiming for the top position. They still have nine games left to play and their next match is against Torino on this week.