James Rodriguez was not happy with the length of the stoppage time in the Villarreal game.
Rodriguez reckons Villarreal wanted to interrupt the game as much as possible during the first 90 minutes. But, the match officials did not keep a note of that and did not make up for that by making the stoppage time that much longer.

As per Rodriguez, the stoppage time must have been least a couple of minutes longer and if Madrid had got those extra couple of minutes, the winning goal was very much possible because they were clearly on top of Villarreal as the game was approaching the conclusion. He likened it to having an extra few plays on the Machine for your money - there is always a great chance of winning even if you're down to your very last spin!

Speaking after the 1-1 result, Rodriguez said, “I expect more alertness from the match officials to be very frank. There was a deliberate attempt from Villarreal to kill the time and the officials did nothing to make sure they prevent them from doing so and ensure the proper utilization of the time.”

“And, then they did not even neutralize it later with a longer stoppage time. If you ask me, it had to be of 5 minutes, at minimum. Villarreal is always a quality opponent, but, with that kind of a show from us in the last half an hour, I am not sure a draw is a fitting result.”

Dani Carvajal, Rodriguez’s Spanish teammate, also voiced his displeasure about the stoppage time.
Carvajal, who plays on the right side of the defence, was quoted saying, “They definitely got it wrong in terms of the no. of minutes they included. So much of time had gone out of the game, quite a few substitutions as well, it was not sufficient.”

Madrid had not failed to get full points in a top tier game in the last 6 months.