StoryLiga fans doubtful on Match Officials

The Liga fans often have the complaints with the match officials that they deliberately happen to be a little more sparing towards the top teams and that perception would only have got stronger after yesterday’s match between Real Madrid and Osasuna.

There was a moment in the match when Cristiano Ronaldo made a clear case for getting booked as he disregarded the call of the referee, but, he ended up not getting punished for it.

Ronaldo was getting himself into position to take the cross of one of his teammates from the right wing, but, he was caught offside and not only the flag went up from the side-lines immediately, the sound of the whistle came well and truly in advance as well.

Ronaldo surely heard it because he cut down the speed at which he was running initially to get the ball onto his feet.

But, he didn’t stop and attempted to play the shot and put the ball into the net even after knowing that the ball was not in play at that time as the offside call had come.

The referee was pretty much within his rights to book him there, but, then he came up with a lie and managed to convince the referee that he was not at fault.

With his gestures, the star winger indicated that the sound of the whistle didn’t reach his ears as the spectators were making a lot of noise and that’s the reason why he executed the shot.

Now from Television replays, one could easily figure out that it was a plain lie by the Portuguese because if he had no idea about him being declared offside, he would never have slowed down as he did.

It was just in frustration and annoyance that he actually took the shot, but, because of being the superstar that he is, he was let go which was poor from the referee.