StoryZinedine Zidane has refused to give too much importance to what Cristiano Ronaldo

Zinedine Zidane has refused to give too much importance to what Cristiano Ronaldo said in his interview after the Madrid derby the previous weekend.

According to the coach, the striker has clarified himself by having a chat with the rest of the boys and everyone has decided to put it behind and go ahead.

Ronaldo was not in the greatest of moods after the defeat of the Los Blancos at the hands of the local rivals Atletico and he made some unpleasing comments about his teammates.

The Portuguese appeared to be suggesting that if all the players in the Madrid change room had been as good as he is, the team would have been topping the table right now.

However, later Ronaldo pointed out that his comments were taken in the wrong way and that he was only talking about the fitness and not the ability of the players as he doesn’t reckon he is any better in comparison to anyone else in the team.

Zidane too reckons this is not that big a topic to be bothered about and after Ronaldo’s talk with the team mates, the mood in the camp is pretty light and positive.

In the words of Zidane, “He’s had a talk with the boys and its all sorted. There is no one who is unhappy. The matter is well and truly over.”

“What we need right now is to focus on the task that lies ahead because we need results on a consistent basis in the coming weeks.”

Madrid needs a miraculous run from here onwards to get themselves into the contention for the top spot in the Spanish top flight points table.

They are presently third being trailed to the table leaders Barcelona by 12 points.