The 31 year old Real Madrid star is yet unsure of what career he looks towards pursuing when he finally retires.

While he has no plans of yet becoming a manager after he retires, he might reconsider years later and pursue a management career.

On Tuesday night while speaking after having scored his 98th European goal for Real Madrid in their Tuesday night 2-2 draw with Borussia Dortmund, Ronaldo asserted that he didn't want to lose focus on his playing career.

As quoted by AS, Ronaldo said: “I think a lot about it and right now, I don't want to be a manager. In a few years, people will say that I have the right profile but I don't want to be.
Managing is too complicated. At the moment, I just want to focus on my passion, football. Nobody knows what the future holds. In five, six or seven years, I might change my mind and become a manager.”

Ronaldo's managerial capabilities came under an expansive microscopic view after his animated performance during the Euro 2016 final. He had been forced out of Portugal's game with France after being injured during game play. He didn't give up though as he spent a great part of the game encouraging his teammates right from the manager's technical area.

"As far as titles are concerned, I think last year was probably my best season. Though every year of my career has been incredibly spectacular, this one was special. We got to win the first major trophy in the history of Portugal and Real Madrid also won the Champions League."

The Real Madrid's star striker believes that Real Madrid can go on to retain the Champions League title this season.

"I think we can win the Champions League twice in a row," he said. "When you play for Real Madrid you have to believe that you can. We have a great team and a great manager. We have the experience from last year,” he added.